Vegetarian in Shimoda (and tips for vegans in Japan)

When I first came to Japan 20 years ago, it was a real challenge to remain vegetarian. There were very few restaurants that catered to non-meat eaters and very few servers understood when I asked for something without meat, “niku … Read More


Tobiishi closed and reopened across the street. It’s our favorite Japanese breakfast spot. For 800 yen you get a perfectly grilled fish, rice, pickles, miso soup, an egg, and some nori (dried seaweed) and natto.  If you don’t like your … Read More


地魚メインのお寿司屋さんです。 以前は回転寿司でしたが、コロナの影響か現在は注文して握っていただく形で営業されています。 アクセスの良さと気軽に入れる雰囲気ですが、金目鯛をはじめとした地元の魚を食べられることもあって、観光客を中心に人気で、休日は並んでいることも多い人気のお店です。 Read More


下田の道の駅にあるRa-maruさんでは下田の名物金目鯛を使った下田バーガーを食べられます! 大きなバンズですが、そこからはみ出すくらいに大きい金目鯛のフライ、チーズ、たっぷりのレタスに分厚いトマトとボリューム満点! Read More


吉佐美の国道沿いにあるサウスカフェさんはいつも賑わっている人気店! 私たちも伊豆に来てから、自分たちだけで来たり、友人と来たり、スタッフのみんなと来たり、何度訪れたかわからないほど。 Read More

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Nikuzuki in Kawazu

Nikuzuki means “meatmoon” but they also serve fish and noodles to feed the vegetarians and semi-vegetarians alike. The food is delicious and the location is amazing. We have decided this will go on the list of “What to do on … Read More

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宿泊施設を運営していると、滞在されるお客様から、一番美味しいお店はどこですか?と聞かれることが多々あります。 その方の好みにもよりますし、下田にたくさんある美味しい飲食店から選ぶのも、なかなか難しい質問なのですが、ごろさやさんをオススメしています。 Read More

Fontaine bakery and cafe shimoda kisami

Fontaine Bakery & Cafe

I think most foreigners living in Japan would agree that there are not enough breakfast places around. So I am happy to have discovered a great new spot with fluffy omelettes, toast, Italian coffee and freshly squeezed OJ.  UPDATE:  I’m … Read More

Cafe Mellow Kisami Shimoda

Cafe Mellow

For those of you who have been visiting the Kisami area for sometime, you may have noticed that Paradise has been lost and in it’s place Cafe Mellow has set up shop. Although some of the changes will take some … Read More

Maru Cafe

Maru Cafe is set in a quaint old Japanese house just steps from Maiso Beach to get there you need to cross the river. We recommend taking the wooden board-walk along the river then use the overhanging bridge, Maru Cafe … Read More

Manpo Himono

When Japanese people travel to the sea they naturally want to eat fish. It makes sense, what’s local and in season, is tastiest! Overseas a great majority of Japanese restaurants serve sushi but within Japan, the percentage of sushi shops … Read More

On the Beach

私たちもよく利用させていただくのですが、ハーブカジキ&バルサミコソースが特にお気に入りです。柔らかくハーブの効いたカジキの身にバルサミコがすごく合うんです。 Read More

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A Danish View of Japan: På eventyr i Japan

Japan betyder ”solens ophav” og kaldes for Nippon, 日 (sol) 本 (ophav), men er bedre kendt som solens rige. Efter at have opholdt mig i Japan i to måneder, fremgår det tydeligt hvorfor, at solen har sit herredømme i dette … Read More