Happy Buddha Smoothies

Happy Buddha Smoothies is a little hard to find but totally worth the extra effort. To get there take the main road and turn at the entrance for Irita Beach (between Re-mix and the Chinese restaurant). Instead of following the … Read More

Irita Beach

The entrance to Iritahama,  Irita Beach in English, is not well marked, moreover, parking is limited and so since access is limited it tends to be a little quieter than some of the other beaches in Shimoda. However, it is … Read More

Kisami Ohama Beach Shimoda Izu Shizuoka Japan

Kisami Ohama Beach

Kisami Ohama Beach is our “home beach”. Less than 5 minutes on foot from Retreat wabi-sabi. We recommend you take the short cut, down a dirt ,road past the baseball field, cross the street, then walk straight into the ocean.  … Read More