Nanadaru Waterfalls & Onsen

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Tucked into the hills above Kawazu Town, the falls range from the towering 30-meter high Odaru Waterfall to the 2-meter high Kanidaru Waterfall. The hiking trail is an easy 1km walk and it’s well sign-posted. Some sections are steep, but it’s suitable for most fitness levels.

To see the Kawazu Nanadaru Waterfalls, you can either start hiking from the Kawazu Tourist Information Center, or you can start at the top and slowly make your way down to the Tourist Information Center instead.

We recommend taking the bus above the spiral bridge to the top of the trail at Mizudare bus stop. This is the most popular option, and means you don’t have to double back on yourself (or hike uphill!).

From here, the walk should take around 45 minutes to 1 hour (we stopped a lot for photos). Make sure you wear suitable footwear as it can get a little muddy underfoot.

Before you make your way to the first waterfall, don’t miss the Saruta Depth (you’ll find it at the end of a bridge on your right-hand side, just before you make your way down the steep stairs). The water is unbelievably blue and you really get a feel for the geothermal activity that created this unique landscape.

Kama-daru (22 meters) is the first waterfall you come to. Remember to take a dry bag for this first section to protect your valuables – you’ll see why when you visit!

You’ll then continue down the trail, across short suspension bridges and wooden stairs. All of the waterfalls are sign-posted so that you don’t miss any of the seven.


The path then widens when you pass the Shokei-daru Waterfall, with the ‘Odoriko and me’ bronze statues. From there, be sure to pay a visit to 隠れ家レストラン ひぐらし (gallery admission fee: ¥500). Sit back and have a coffee in this tree house-style hideaway amongst the trees.


Onsens Around Kawazu Nanadaru Waterfalls

The final, biggest waterfall is the 30-meter high Odaru Waterfall. The best way to enjoy the waterfall is with a visit to Amagiso; an onsen resort at the foot of the falls. The entrance fee for day guests is ¥2000 (¥300 extra if you want to rent a towel), and this gives you access to all of the indoor baths, the open-air onsen pools, and even a swimming pool!

Although the indoor baths are separated by gender, the outdoor baths are mixed, so remember your swimming costume!

How To Get To Kawazu Seven Waterfalls

Now the important part! To get to Kawazu Nanadaru Waterfalls from Wabi Sabi Retreat, first of all, take the bus to Izukuyū-Shimoda Station from Kisami bus stop (10 minutes – ¥280 per person). Remember to check out the timetable at the Tabi Tabi reception desk before you go.

From Shimoda Station there are two options to get to Kawazu Nanadaru Waterfalls. You can take the bus directly to Kawazu, or take the train from Shimoda to Kawazu Station, then the local bus to the falls. We recommend option 2, as the direct bus only goes twice a day from Izukyu-Shimoda Station.

The train from Shimoda to Kawazu Station (Izu Kyuko line) takes around 15 minutes and costs ¥500 per person. We always use Hyperdia to check the train times. Once you arrive at the station, head to the last bus stop to catch the bus to the waterfalls – there are big ‘Seven Waterfalls’ signs so it shouldn’t be hard to find!

The bus costs ¥670 per person (one way) and we recommend staying on it until the last stop (Mizudare – 40 minutes). However, you can also get off at the bottom of the trail (Kawazu Tourist Information).

If the ticket counter at the bus stop at Kawazu Station is open (it wasn’t when we were there!) then you can also buy a discounted round-trip ticket for the bus journey for ¥1150.

Best Time To Visit Kawazu Nanadaru Waterfalls


As with most waterfalls, the more water the better. So the best time to visit the 7 Waterfalls of Kawazu is during Izu’s rainy season (mid-June to mid-July). However, the Kawazu Nanadaru Waterfalls are also beautiful in Spring for Sakura and in the Autumn as the leaves change color.

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