• wabi-sabi Cafe and Chill Space By / 1st April, 2017

    We have grown yet again and still have lots of ideas and plans in the works.

    Surfmatting in Shimoda By / 31st March, 2017

    Surfmats are an easy, fun, cheap, and safer way to ride waves. Yasu has a Krypt MT5 and I have the Tracker Roundtail from 4th Gear Flyer.

  • How to get to Shimoda from Osaka or Kyoto By / 10th March, 2017

    To get to Shimoda from Osaka, or Kyoto, you should take the Shinkansen (bullet train) from Shin-Osaka or Kyoto Station to Atami (141 min).

    Snorkeling in Izu By / 12th February, 2017

    Drive 20 minutes up and around the coast to Nakagi, pay a 1000 yen for a 5 minute boat ride and you’ll arrive at the underwater wonderland, Hirizo.

  • A day bicycle ride south and around the coast of Izu By / 10th February, 2017

    Dear guests and future guests, my name is Maddy, I am a thirty years old French girl traveling around the world for six months and the Izu

    Coya Cottage rental house Ohama Beach, Shimoda By / 9th July, 2016

    Retreat wabi-sabi is expanding! We have added Coya Cottage to our accommodation options in the very popular Kisami ar

  • Retreat wabi-sabi is open!!! By / 3rd August, 2014

    We would like to announce the birth of a new tabi-tabi! On July 19th, 2014 we opened our second location in Shimoda (third in Japan), and proud owne

    新店舗のご案内 By / 22nd June, 2014


  • 伊豆の温泉 By / 22nd June, 2014


    南伊豆下田で遊ぶ By / 22nd June, 2014