Bon Fire at Retreat wabi-sabi

firepit at retreat wabi-sabi

Enough research has been done to scientifically prove that watching a fire reduces heart rate and makes people more sociable. It’s thought that prehistoric humans who preferred tending fires were genetically advantageous as fires provide heat, light and kept dangerous animals away. Even though we now have all the comforts of electric light and heat, we still today continue to be mesmerized by dancing flames, enjoy a bit socializing and naturally start to relax while seated around the fire-pit.  In 2021, with covid and it’s related restriction looming over us, we flattened out an area and cut back some bush, collected some rocks and built a fire just as has been done for so many millennia before us. It never takes long before more people arrive, young and old, chatty or contemplative, everybody loves a good fire.

To make it easier to manage we have added a fire-pit service to our paid packages, here on the Retreat wabi-sabi booking website. ¥1000 per accommodation per night can be added to your accommodation fees online . Marshmallows included! You’ll need scour for your own stick, and bring anything else you may need for an evening around the stone fire pit. Please add the “fire-pit service” to your accommodation when you book. Just like our cave-dwelling ancestors, starting a fire will be subject to weather conditions. In case of wind, or rain or even too much heat or very dry conditions we have to cancel or postpone and refund your modern form of reserves. yes, that means your ¥1000 is refundable. Looking forward to having you here in Shimoda, and seeing you around the fire-pit soon. 

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