South Cafe

I have been meaning to write about South Cafe for a long time. And so I bring my camera with me every time I go but then as soon as the food arrives, my mouth waters and I dig in without capturing any of the deliciousness. This place is a favorite among tourists and locals alike so it is a good idea to arrive a bit early on the weekends or your won’t get a seat.

Don’t let the cheap prices fool you, the portions are huge. Yasu and I usually share a salad, and one other dish, a pasta or a dorian. The veggie pepperoncini is super garlicky so I always order some bread to sop up the buttery garlic once the noodles have been ravished.

If we still have room, we order dessert. The brownie is super rich and moist and goes well with the vanilla ice-cream that is served on the side. The very reasonable banana bread comes with ice-cream too!

They have an excellent selection of drinks. A Fresh lime soda goes down well on a hot summer day. They have bottomless coffee, great mojitos, super smoothies (but more like a milkshake)….. If you like red wine, but don’t like yours chilled, make sure you let them know, and they will take a bottle off the shelf for you.

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