Shokichinoyu Onsen

This has got to be one of my favorite onsen, ever! So worth the journey up the narrow steep mountain roads (although I refuse to drive myself). When I mentioned that one of our previous guests had said, “Now this is off the beaten path.” another guest responded with “What path?”. This onsen is obviously a dream in the making and was not built as a big business venture. You’ve got to see it to believe it, and when you are there you will also appreciate the alkaline waters with a PH of 9.5. That means silky water and super soft skin.
IMPORTANT UPDATE: The scary road that used to go up to the onsen is now closed. They have had to make a new road which is actually way steeper, and narrower than the first. Some sections have got to be 45 degrees. Last time we were there we decided it would be the last time that we would attempt to drive up ourselves, we barely made it!!!  If you call ahead they will come and pick you up at the bottom which is exactly what we’ll do next time. UPDATE: I’ve been back and they were more than happy to come and get us from the parking area at the bottom of their very steep road. SInce Corona all bathing has become private as well so you rent the bath with your bathing partners. I still love it but the whole thing takes a bit more planning.

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