On the Beach

On the Beach is not actually on the beach but their BBQ sets are all wrapped up to go so you can certainly take it to the beach, or to the boardwalk, or back to your room, or anywhere else you would like to enjoy a fresh and delicious BBQed lunch set. They have a huge variety of meat and fish dishes to choose from. I’m a pescatarian so I usually choose the garlic shrimp set (¥1200) or the sword fish (¥900) with balsamico sauce but they have pork and chicken sets too. You can also order extra fish and meat if you are really hungry. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, they now have a soy based “hamburg” with rice and salad.  If you have hungry little one with you, they also have a kids meal for only ¥500. UPDATE: On The Beach used to have lots of drinks and desserts on offer but at least for now, they have simplified their menu a bit although all of the lunch boxes remain, and they are now selling some of their amazing home-made sauces in cute jars for souvenirs or for your next BBQ.

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