Izukyu-Shimoda to Retreat wabi-sabi

shimoda bus stop to kisami

To get to Kisami from Izukyu Shimoda Station you can take a bus from the rotary right outside the station. Look for the big orange signs. Busses departing from bus stop 2, 3, and 4, all stop at Kisami Bus Stop. The 10 minute journey costs ¥360 which you have to pay when you get off the bus. Don’t forget to grab a ticket when you are getting on, it shows where your trip originated from much like a train ticket. It’s a 20 minute walk to Retreat wabi-sabi. from there. Just turn left on the road towards Touji, keep walking straight until you get to Cafe 85, go through the tunnel across the street and you will see signs to Retreat wabi-sabi from there.

The closest bus stop is Ohama Kaigan (Bus #2). We are only about a 10 minute walk from there but there are only 4 buses a day, but you might get lucky! Take a bus to Ohama Kaigan if you can.

All that said, we recommend you take a taxi! But before you jump in we suggest you do a bit of shopping first. Go to the Tokyu Department store across from the station. There is a supermarket, a local veggie shop, a 100 yen store, a clothing store, an electronics shop, a bakery, and more! If you have forgotten to pack something here is you chance. Got your bathing suit? Lost your charger? Need some cheap beach sandals? You can get everything you need here so that once you get to Retreat wabi-sabi you can chillax.

All the taxi drivers know Retreat wabi-sabi but here is our address just in case. We are in the “Kisaneh” Valley)

Retreat wabi-sabi
2735 Kisami

***No idea why the bus stop is labelled “closed”. Buses don’t stop running, and continue to stop at Kisami. Someone must be trying to gain some extra points updating google maps.

*** Please be aware that the bus schedule can change a few times a year so best to have a look at the schedules yourself when you arrive at the station. Look for the orange posts next to the buses.

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