Izu Wasabi Farm

Nestled in the picturesque mountains of the Izu Peninsula, Japan, Izu wasabi is celebrated for its high quality and distinctive flavour. This exceptional wasabi thrives in Kawazu, near the Amagi mountain range, where clear, cold spring water flows continuously, and minimal strong sunlight provides the perfect growing conditions. Farms here resemble terraced rice fields, known as Tatamiishi-shiki, with layers of rock, pebble, and sand ensuring optimal oxygen and water flow to nourish the wasabi roots.

Among the varieties grown, the premium Mazuma stands out for its unrivalled spiciness and deep green hue, while Daruma offers a milder taste and pale green appearance. Harvested in winter, the flavours intensify with the plant’s maturity. The plant’s distinct flavour and aroma come from the natural compounds called isothiocyanates, released when the cell walls are ruptured, making freshly grated wasabi an integral part of traditional Japanese cuisine.

Cultivating wasabi requires expertise, dedication, and respect for nature. Unlike its powdered or paste counterparts, which often contain horseradish and green dye, Izu wasabi offers an unparalleled authenticity that enhances various dishes, from sushi and sashimi to soba noodles and grilled meats. Izu wasabi embodies the spirit of traditional Japanese farming, reflecting its meticulous cultivation and cultural significance.

In Kawazu, one can explore wasabi farms, witness the intricate growing process, and taste freshly harvested wasabi. Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or a curious traveller, the journey into the heart of Izu wasabi farming promises an unforgettable experience rich in tradition, flavour, and natural beauty.

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