Iritahama Beach

The entrance to Iritahama,  Irita Beach in English, is not well marked, moreover, parking is limited and so since access is limited it tends to be a little quieter than some of the other beaches in Shimoda. However, it is one of the most beautiful beaches. The crystal clear water laps up onto the sand which stretches out to a grassy coast. There is no through traffic so the road beyond that is also very quiet. Both sides of the beach have rocky outcrops with no concrete barriers around. If you are spending the day in Irita we recommend having a smoothie at Happy Buddha, or a shaved ice treat at the uminoie (beach hut) on the beach. We suggest you explore all the beaches in the beautiful Kisami area. From Retreat wabi-sabi Irita Beach is about a 30 minute walk or you can rent a bike from us and get there in about 15 minutes.



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