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Shimoda is jam-packed with restaurants, cafes, and bars which can make it really difficult to choose. Well at least that is what happened to me many years ago when I really wanted to try some good local seafood. Eventually I turned to my trusty lonely planet which read, “Gorosaya. Elegant understated ambience and fantastic seafood”. The food is probably better than fantastic, and the price is also incredibly reasonable. 

Gorosaya has an English menu that is not as comprehensive as the Japanese menu but I highly recommend getting a set meal (teishyoku) for around 2000 yen. They have several different teishyoku to choose from. Take your pick: Yakizakana (grilled fish) , the Nizakana (braised fish), Tempura (deep-fried goodness), or Sashimi (raw fish) teishyoku. There is also one slightly more expensive option which is a mix of the sashimi and the boiled fish (Kin-me-dai & Sashimi Teishoku) set. Highly recommended because you get the best of both! 

I usually go with the braised fish or the raw fish or get the mixed set. The sashimi is an amazing mix of the sea’s freshest delicacies. The braised fish is usually kin-me-dai (a golden-eyed red snapper) cooked to absolute perfection. All set meals come with rice, pickels, chawanmushi (a savoury pudding), miso soup, a seaweed dish, and a citrus jelly or fresh fruit for dessert. Best call ahead to get a seat. 

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